SNOBBY SHEEP | Made in Italy company of fine knitwear in pure Cashmere

snobby sheep
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snobby sheep
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I wrap and adorn your thin neck.
Let’s go,
Where the sail swells pushes us with wind
with wings of light fabric
to makes our a slice of heaven,
in flight, without weight,
in the wake of your woman’s scent
that brings good things
and good memories to her senses.
Inebriated with joy
while the air gently agitates me
or in the cold you hold me closer to you, and flows through your fingers
that thick plot of delicate threads
that unite us in the same story”.

"Silk is like light when you want light, it refreshes you in moments in which all you want is refreshment, it warms you up if it’s cold, but it always remains itself, it illuminates you, caresses you; it’s a light chill, it’s your second skin."
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