La Materia - SNOBBY SHEEP | Made in Italy company of fine knitwear in pure Cashmere

snobby sheep
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snobby sheep
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Inside of that old and mysterious wallet i found not only your clothes
But a wonderful little girl admiring you… fascinated
Everything was intact…with a sane cashmere looked just cleaned in spite of the times.
With a class attitude
The way men were looking at you
Was discrete and mobile behind your step you were,
That only truly pearl in my magic box and in my imaginative world
The sparkles in your eyes were just for me.


On the way of the old caravans
Just for a while you were slowly going “chess and king time”
In your real true and full richness
Every precious lady could choose you among the crowd
And would recognize herself and your own value

Leave me alone here in the nothingness
To breath that pure white light
Asking me which word with a kind of “chaleur”…
I will answer you “snow”
I do love how she feels the noises like a cotton reality
I will stay a while longer and then…
Not being myself that powerful yak
But wrapped in its fur coat i will walk home
Enjoying delicious cracking sound under my feet
That is his way of answering me.


Under a green move between branches and
I stand
And if from above i perceive
That delicate silent work i know it is a gentle worm
Like him... I went up to the woods
To join the soft fibers of nature united to cotton
In a loving embrace
A life spent not in vain
I will remember every touching time i get dressed.


Appreciating power and roughness
Is like loving the hand of the country man while he caresses his son
The family summer scenes friendly voices
The vibrate on the same strings traditions to transmit
With music…chorus…
A man’s shirt that gives the desire to invite you
Charming and... As linen...versatile...strong...fascinating and fresh
With a decisive recall of a lavender fragrance
Dance... Sweat…life is gone.

The beating of your lips
Is the flash
I will keep printed softly in my eyes
A new dawn is born with a shy line
Of light pale pink becomes yellow
And touches you
And you…my little girl…sleeping tightly close to me
Your white skin and you small legs
With your hair flying in the air with that happy smile
Brings me back to the sound
Your moves are like a tender flame of fire
Seducing me and impossibly reaching
You are here ... Why should i be so anxious
Wine is gone, drums silent
The night runs to another part of heaven
I wanna see you again.
With full knowledge of the present time
Sustained by your sweet eyes
Like a thin lien of silk in your back
That light could be your step
Soft as can be the ruby wine in in your mouth
Freshly fire as your smile can be
Like nostalgic tears from our trip in Asia
My kindness love.

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