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snobby sheep
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snobby sheep
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You can travel far and wide, rummage in every corner of the world and discover a huge quantity of wonders, but even exists a truth over all: the Italian creativity is a “plus” and, when it meets raw material like cashmere and silk, you can obtain an unique, wraparound, sensual explosion of heat and color.

With this mission, in 2012, SNOBBY SHEEP tracks a path, where a team of stylists, combines Italian creativity with the value of the tradition of doing.

The painstaking research of high quality knitting yarns in their homeland, allows us to reach higher standard, respecting entirely, the ethical and ecological values,that have to be certainly recovered and maintained, especially in this age where the speed of the progress failed to commit the natural order of things.

SNOBBY SHEEP in its path, has always paid a particular attention towards these values, taking care to join Italian “know how” to the origin of the raw materials, in every delicate step of transformation, where time really seems to have stopped, up to here.

To be able to keep the right balance between the fast evolution of trends and the use of ancient processing techniques, it’s the challenge more captivating for us and represents the history, the heart and the approach of the trade mark.

snobby sheep
snobby sheep
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