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snobby sheep
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snobby sheep
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"My name is Snobby, and in fact a bit I am, certainly not because I love to boast, but rather be-cause I
live where few dare to go. They are looking for me, not just a goat, but a Cashmere goat. Smile,
smile, but listen to my wonderful story.

I belong to a noble race called Hircus and I come originally from central Asia, on the edge of the
Gobi desert. I live in harsh and hostile territories, particularly in mountain regions of China,
Mongolia, Iran, Tibet, Afghanistan, Turkey, India and some republics of the former Soviet Union.
The extremely cold temperatures and the conformation of the highlands make my breeding diffi-cult
for man, but it is from the most hostile pastures, hitten by icy winds and snowstorms that the
highest level of Cashmire is obtained. This name comes from the region of Kashmir, where man
discovered for the first time in the nineteenth century the precious gift I can offer: my mantle,
defined by many "golden fleece", for its extraordinary softness, warmth and resistance that make it
extremely valuable.
My coat is very thick, long and resistant, but the secret is "below", where the softest and finest
fibers are; that soft and woolly inner layer is called duvet, from which the Cashmire is obtained, a
fabric capable of protect both from heat and cold.
Like the duvet, also the giarra, the outer fur can be of various colors, from pure white to black, with
different intermediate shades.
What makes this fabric so special? Its longer fiber and its finesse, with a diameter of 14/16
thousandths of a millimeter, and the fact that it is not so easy to obtain; the proceeds of the
collection of duvet in a specimen, in fact, are barely enough for a single sweater.
To obtain it, the man uses a special long-toothed hook comb, and with that he caresses me, over and
over again, with sweetness and gratitude in the season of the pack: spring. This is a special mo-ment,
in which our relationship becomes deeper.
The giarra, the outer layer more thick, is instead cut with scissors.
Now my fleece prepares to be transformed, it will be washed and worked wisely, then placed on
wooden frames, so that the final magic can be accomplished.
If I could express a feeling, it would be pride, because being the main part of delicious and fine
creations like those of 'Snobby Sheep' it makes me feel important like important are the respect and
care that man has towards me. I am alive, I am luxury, charm and softness, and if I could give
myself to many I would do it, with immense joy. I hope you don’t mind if I esteem myself so much,
I know that it is impossible to be appreciated by everyone, what matter most, however, is to be
appreciated to the right ones."     

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