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About Us

You can travel far and wide, forage in every corner of the world and discover an incredible vastness of wonders, but there is one primary seed of truth: Italian creativity is a virtue and when it is woven with raw materials such as Cashmere and Silk, you get an enthralling, sensual explosion of unique warmth and color.

The meticulous quest for origin sourced quality yarns allows us to reach the highest standards, with the utmost respect for ethical and ecological values that must certainly be recovered and maintained, especially in an era like this where the speed of progress has failed to respect the natural order of things.

Along its path, Snobby Sheep has always expressly respected these values, taking care to merge Italian know-how with the origins of raw materials, in all its scrupulous phases and transformations from the very first moments in places where time seems to have stopped, to the here and now.

To thrive in championing the right balance between rapidly evolving trends and employing venerable manufacturing techniques is for us the most compelling challenge and embodies the history, the heart and the approach of our brand.


The Snobby Sheep approach focuses on the ceaseless search for new sources of natural raw materials, transformed with passionate creativity and distributed by carefully chosen retail partners among the leaders for image and professionalism in Italy and abroad, in order to offer the final customer a very high-quality garment in an exclusive shopping experience.

Our investment is focused on the ever-expanding passion and energy that we dedicate to the quest for precious fibers, the creation of our Collections, the optimization of production factors and the selection of new retail partners in markets worldwide.


In that old secret trunk, I found not only your clothes but the wonder of a mesmerized child who venerated you. Everything was intact, the cashmere cared for over the years as if it had just been washed. Your class, the discreet agile gaze of others venerating you walking by. It was always you, the only real pearl in my magic box, and in my marvelous world, the sparkle in your eyes was uniquely for me.

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